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The Seahog combines funky old school with modern day attributes. In fact, the "Seahog" is the most fun you can have on tiny days. The wider, shorter outline and super flat rocker combined with forward single concave allow for incredible amounts of speed down the line. The heavy
vee with double concave running off the tail gives this board drive, whilst still having an extremely responsive turning ability. The wide plan shape and extra volume gives you plenty
of paddle speed to maximise your wave count on smaller days. This model comes standard with tri-quad fin set up, giving you the versatility you want in different wave types. The Seahog model will make you stoked to surf smaller waves, and with one of these in your quiver, you’ll never complain about no surf again.

Ridden 6 - 8 inches shorter then your standard shortboard. From 1/2 – 3 ft surf.


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