Live Wire Flextech

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Flextech construction is a unique hybrid layup of Aramid or Innegra fibre, precision cut Carbon fibre, Biaxail glass fibre and S-Glass with Epoxy resin. 

This complex fibre process with the lightweight EPS core creates such an incredible burst of energy from rider to board. Flextech boards create a kinetic flex, which gives forward projection when directed by the surfer.

We’ve been working with stringer-less boards and flex since 2002, and since then we have understood exactly what is needed to make everything come together. Using cutting edge materials that are now available, we have made a very exiting board that instantly reacts and does what you tell it to do as you think it. Flextech boards come out around 20% lighter, and 30% stronger, with the capability to go much faster and be much more responsive then any PU / PE construction.

Flextech construction can be used on any board in the Nutz range, it can be applied to all custom orders as they are made here in the UK.

We belive these boards are the way forward >>