7ft Plain

The Nutz Plain regular leash is designed with reliability suitable for a wide range of waves.


- Deluxe seamless padded neoprene ankle cuff.

- Engineered high strength 7mm German polyurethane cord.

- Ultra strong velcro and quick release pull tab.

- Smooth rotating stainless steel swivels.

- Lightweight detachable rail saver.

- Internal key pocket.

- T-Bar. Solid T-Bar attached to rail saver and swivel to ensure your leash stays connected.


This Nutz leash is suitable for waves up to 8ft




This Product has a 6 MONTH WARRANTY against any defects in workmanship or materials.This warranty does not cover any damage caused by fin cuts or reef snags.The manufacturer; distributor and seller of this product does not claim any liability for injury, death,property damage suffered by any person as a consequence of use to this product. 

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