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"The Grunter" has a wide curvy outline similar to "The Beanpod". However, it is more drawn out through the tail allowing you to push harder and make it round sections easier.

"The Grunter" is thick in the centre making more volume and float to help you get over them flat sections for when the waves are really gutless. The rails are kept nice and low to maintian sensitivity for tight turns.

The nose is wide and has a single concave to give lift when paddling, making it very easy to catch waves. The single to double concave between the fins with fee off the tail makes the board very fast and responsive.

The corners of the tail provide bite into the water off the bottom whereas the roundness makes a nice release off the top. This board surfs fast, turns tight and paddles really well, making it one of the most fun and easiest boards to surf.

When ordering go 3 – 4 inches shorter, 1 – 1 1/4 inches wider and 1/4 inch thicker than your average short board.

From 1 – 4 ft surf.

This board comes standard as a thruster with fins.

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