New Slogan T-Shirts now available for purchase..

by Charlotte Brown June 10, 2012

We had a T-Shirt competition recently, to come up with the best slogan with the word Nutz in.. There was so many entires and thank you to everyone who entered. 

It was a hard decision, but we managed to narrow it down and picked 5 lucky winners which were... 

"Salty Nutz" - Morgan Roscouet 

"Get Some Nutz" - Get Some Nutz 

" Live Life Love Nutz" - Alan Mason 

"This is Nutz" - Bryan Corewyn" 

"Grab Life by the Nutz" - Emma Jackson 

The Nutz team together with friends also came up with a few more Slogans of our own..

"Off my Nutz" - Steven Eastwood

"Life is Nutz" - Nutz Team 

"Warning this product contains Nutz" - Nutz Team 

All the Slogan T-Shirts have been added to the Men's range and available to purchase. We have also selected a few favourites for the Women's range which have been styled up in a vest top.

Here's one of our winners Bryan Corewyn in his winning T-Shirt "This is Life" Such a good poser! : ) 

Charlotte Brown
Charlotte Brown